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Gesture Prints


4th graders just completed a project that is one of my favorites so far. We began by talking about the artist Keith Haring and his gestural figurative artwork.

Haring is one of my ultimate favorite artists — I love the movement and energy of his work and wanted to bring that to the students with this project. We began by drawing each other doing silly and interesting poses. I wish I had pictures of this fun and wacky day but unfortunately I do not so I will just have to describe it to you. Imagine 30 4th graders drawing furiously as one of their classmates strikes a pose in the center of the room. Students contorted and positioned themselves in crazy ways; one student even held a backbend for almost a full minute! Students were initially apprehensive about drawing people but when we broke down body parts into shapes it became simple. WE also observed positive and negative space (the hole that your arm makes when you put your hand on your hip, the triangle your legs make) and this prompted even crazier poses.

Next, students carved their designs into a styrofoam “plate.” They added expressive lines and repetition to create balanced designs.

Students could make 2 prints with complimentary colors. This project was super fun and super messy. The students worked together to help one another and everyone was able to complete and create successful prints.


One Direction themed:

Here are some links to a couple of Keith Haring related videos we watched for inspiration:

Keith Haring Video

Keith Haring Video 2


Author: artwithmsk

Hello! My name is Ms. Katzin and I am an art teacher at an elementary school near Atlanta, Georgia. Teaching art is my passion and I love what I do!

4 thoughts on “Gesture Prints

  1. I bet you loved working with the clay with the children! Their stuff turned out great! Printmaking things are adorable – who knew One Direction was that popular?? These kids are so lucky, I never got to do projects nearly as creative and diverse as these have been. 🙂 Good job.

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