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3D Chameleons


This is one of the coolest looking art projects I have ever done with kids. I absolutely love this project and every step of the way allowed for tons of creativity and fun. I was inspired by This Post at smARTclass and This Tutorial at Artolazzi to make an awesome 3D project for the 3rd grade sculpture unit.

We began by talking about chameleons and watching these cool videos: Super Chameleon and Real Chemeleon Color Change. Students also learned about intermediate colors and we noticed that chameleons change into blended colors.

We created painted paper using intermediate colors and paint scrapers to create texture.



3rd graders used crayons to create texture on the white side of the paper so that the whole sculpture would be colorful and bright.


The next part was kind of tricky and required some hard core listening ears and watching eyes in order to be successful. Step by step, we turned out beautiful 2D paper into a 3D chameleon body by carefully folding, cutting, and gluing.


Students cut up their pattern paper to create the head and legs and could even trade scraps and colors with people at their table.


In math, 3rd graders are learning about different types of triangles and symmetry so I thought it would be a great cross-curricular connection to incorporate the terms and vocabulary. We discussed how animals are symmetrical and if you put something on one side of your chameleon, it has to be the same on the other side. Students had a blast getting creative and added all sorts of things like a cape, ninja stars, flowers, a cell phone, lots of tongues, and even wings!

With spiky hair and polka dots:


Sharp teeth and hearts:


Spikes down it’s back and sunglasses:


A pattern of hearts and shapes:

003 (2)

013 (2)

Sunglasses and eyelashes with a bow:


When students were finished they could write a story about their chameleon. Here are some of the gems:




I find children’s writing to be simultaneously hilarious and fascination it is a really good insight into their stream of consciousness and they always have the most random stuff to say. During student teaching I incorporated writing into many of my projects and I will try and do that more in the future as it a great cross-curricular connection and excellent practice.


Author: artwithmsk

Hello! My name is Ms. Katzin and I am an art teacher at an elementary school near Atlanta, Georgia. Teaching art is my passion and I love what I do!

2 thoughts on “3D Chameleons

  1. Way to use cross curriculum initiatives. Always finding a way to be creative – got to love it. The chameleons (or, if you’re a HIMYM fan, chaaa-maaa-leeeon) turned out fantastic. I like the ones with eyelashes and hearts! Those are just my style. Nice project.

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