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Kindergarten Fossils


What is a fossil? What is clay? How can you create texture? These are questions kindergarteners explored by making dinosaur fossils. Many of these guys had never touched clay except maybe play-doh and they thought it was pretty neat. We began by learning about dinosaurs and talking about the different ways you can work with clay: coil, pinch, slab. Then, students used “fake” clay and texture mats to investigate and play.

“Fake” Clay under a heat lamp:


Texture mats!


Students were inspired by dinosaurs, coils, and even the alphabet!


014 (2)


Next, students used dinosaurs, bones, and shells to stamp impressions into the clay.



I used a straw to poke a hole through so we could make them into necklaces at the very end. After they were fired, the kids were amazed that they clay was hard like a rock and white instead of squishy and grey. Clay is so magical!

Students used brown tempera paint and sponged to “stain” the texture and really make the markings pop.

019 (3)

Then it was time for watercolors which by now my kindergarteners are pros at. They made their fossils super colorful and loved mixing colors up and creating  rainbow artwork! They were all given a rainbow piece of yarn to make their fossil into a necklace.


005 (2)



I will leave you with this excellent art joke: What is a cow’s favorite artwork? . . . . . the MOOna Lisa!

Author: artwithmsk

Hello! My name is Ms. Katzin and I am an art teacher at an elementary school near Atlanta, Georgia. Teaching art is my passion and I love what I do!

5 thoughts on “Kindergarten Fossils

  1. You are one of the coolest art teachers EVER! I love seeing all of your posts! Great job, ‘cuz!\

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  4. This is beautiful! I noticed a bucket of bones. Where do you get your bones? I bet the kids love them!

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