Please Don't Eat the Artwork


1st Grade Sculptures


1st Graders created imaginative, wacky and wild sculptures out of paper. These sculptures were inspired by this project from the Lake Forest Louvre art blog.

We began by looking at the artwork of Kevin Cole, a sculptor from Georgia. Student’s notices the expressive lines and vibrant colors in his artwork and it reminded them of roller coasters, snakes, roads, and tangled up hair.

I quietly drew a face on the white board and asked the students “Who is this?” They all replied, “It’s you, Ms. Katzin!” I told them that they would be using expressive lines to give me a crazy hair day! Each student had a turn to come up to the board and draw a line to add to my crazy hair. This was such a goofy activity and the kids loved making me look silly.


Then, student’s drew their own crazy hair day in their sketchbooks.


When next we met, first graders used crayons to draw lines on white paper and water colors to paint.

029 (2)

Then, students attempted to answer the question: How can you transform 2D lines into 3D lines? They cut up their painted paper and folded, bended, and twisted it up to create sculptures.

060 (2)

 Most of the kids described how their sculpture is a playground and “you go up the steps and down the slide and through the loop. . .” Some student’s decided to make roller coasters and one student described his creation as “portals into another world.”








Awesome group shot:

070 (2)

Author: artwithmsk

Hello! My name is Ms. Katzin and I am an art teacher at an elementary school near Atlanta, Georgia. Teaching art is my passion and I love what I do!

2 thoughts on “1st Grade Sculptures

  1. I would be THRILLED to draw a bad hair day on you. You are just the best art teacher ever! No wonder they love you so much.

  2. You kinda did my project!!! YAY 🙂 Super cute. Looks more like my hair. At least that’s what Meghan would say 😦

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