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Art BY Ms. K


Last night I attended the art teacher meeting for the county with all of the k-12 art teachers. It was at the High Museum of Art where I was fortunate enough to get to see the Frida+Diego exhibit which was beautifully put together.

Local street artist EVEREMAN was there and performed his Ted x Talk for us. It was so inspiring to hear someone speak about bringing art to everyone. I think people who have not grown up fostering a passion for art can sometimes see it as something unobtainable, they say, “That’s not for me, I’m not an artist.”

I tell the kids all the time (and I truly believe) that every human being has a flame of creativity within them and all it takes is a spark to ignite the passion for expression. My job as an educator, especially an art educator, is to cultivate within my students the skills for innovation, creativity, and problem solving that will be necessary to navigate through a future that I cannot even imagine. This begins with the revelation that yes, you are an artist and everybody’s art delightfully and wonderfully unique.

My artwork used to be kind of sad and scary with allusions to death and psychosis and other strange and off-putting things. Don’t get me wrong, it was certainly really awesome and cool art but I have grown as an artist and as a human being since then. I wanted to share my latest works which I think are (sub)consciously about life and growth and energy which is exciting and reflective of my own life now.

Some of these drawings are based on The Auguries of Innocence (a poem by William Blake) Some of them are based on scientific illustrations. Some of them are based on photomicrography and the minutae of our world. What they all have in common is that they are intricately detailed depictions of thriving life. Because, after all, science and art are the same thing — they are both a means of exploring and responding to the universe.

Photomicographic Image of Spider Silk Glands Making Thread:


Scientific Illustration of a Frog Celebrating Dia de Los Muertos:


Auguries of Innocence:


Rhinoceros Beetle/Rhinoceros/Hibiscus:


Plantimal Cell Division:


Inner Ear/Fetus:


Auguries of Innocence:




Bacteriophage Celebrating Dia de Los Muertos:




Art is everywhere, all around in the world even in a sink full of paint:


It all depends on how you look at it — after all, you see what you look for if you choose to, you can always find art everywhere!.

Author: artwithmsk

Hello! My name is Ms. Katzin and I am an art teacher at an elementary school near Atlanta, Georgia. Teaching art is my passion and I love what I do!

4 thoughts on “Art BY Ms. K

  1. As you said – this is absolutely a change in your style of artwork. I think that’s what can attribute to how diverse and ever growing your creativity is though – as you develop, change and grow, so does your art. It solidifies the belief that art is just that – art – an expression of yourself. Very cool stuff, and I’ve even had the pleasure of seeing it all in real life, minus the sink with paint! 🙂

  2. These are fantastic. I also find inspiration in science and nature. I really enjoy what you’ve shared here. And thanks for the link to the scientific illustrations tumblr!

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