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Letters to Ms. K


I have mentioned a couple of times that I love incorporating writing into the art projects. Its great reinforcement of language arts concepts and it is also just plain cute/hilarious. Recently I was perusing the treasure trove that is Stuff Kids Write. This hilarious blog features all kinds of notes, stories, and bits written by children. I realized that I had my very own plethora of gems of funny kid’s writing. In fact, I have an entire cabinet covered in “gifts” bestowed upon me by students:


Check out the ninja stars, Pokemon, and Valentine’s Day cards. As much as I enjoy these works of art, the greatest is when a student brings me something that they have also written. Here are the best of the best — the letters that have brought a smile to my face and tears of laughter to my eyes.


” Ms. K I love to bo art with you it is fun. and I what to say I love art that you and the class art to and wat to be a reateste. thar is a pricker.” . . . . Apparently I am the tall person in this picture and the 3rd grader who created this is the matching mini-me. Not sure why I seem to be floating several feet off of the ground but I guess artists can use creative license when they make  aprickers.


“This patrn wiln mac you happe Ms. Katzin. I love you Ms. Katzzin.” They were right, the patrn mac me very happe. 🙂


“This is a baysor. Do you know what baysor this is?”
No. I do not know what baysor this is because what in the world is a baysor? Judging from this picture it seems to be some sort of tired club-footed dinosaur who is native to mountain regions.


Its true, I am the “wunederful drawer in the would.”

Here is a persuasive letter from a first grader grader:


I love that she offered to replace the paint that was used up. It’s always a weird conversation when the kids ask where the art supplies come from. All of those zig-zagss are kind of menacing, I feel like it is a kind of threat: let us paint or may zig-zags strike you down!

Here is a  persuasive letter from an entire first grade class (this is on a giant piece of paper hanging on the wall). They presented this to me with such hope and joy that I really did have a hard time saying no.


“Dear Ms. Katzin,

We are writing to you to see if we can pant the hallway. We want to paint the hallway cool colors like green, blue, and purple. These beautiful colors will make the students happy and smile. When students are happy they will learn more. So please let us paint the walls cool colors.” I told them that if it was up to me the walls would all be rainbow splatter paint, awesome artwork or maybe something like this. It makes sense that they would think the art teacher is in charge of that sort of thing. Its probably best that I am not, haha.

Author: artwithmsk

Hello! My name is Ms. Katzin and I am an art teacher at an elementary school near Atlanta, Georgia. Teaching art is my passion and I love what I do!

2 thoughts on “Letters to Ms. K

  1. Hahaha! This is the funniest thing you’ve ever posted. I always thought you looked kinda like an apricker, but I never wanted to say anything. Guess the cat’s outta the bag. Oh, and who doesn’t know what a baysor is? Come on, girl.

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