Please Don't Eat the Artwork




4th graders had time for one last quick project after their CD weaving project.. The idea came from about a million different blogs and all the billions of examples on Pinterest. We began by talking about positive and negative space, symmetry, contrast, shape, and variety. Students learned that Notans are a traditionally Japanese art form and are also used in graphic design and advertising. The word “notan” in Japanese means “dark-light.”

Students chose contrasting colors of construction paper and cut out a variety of shapes to design bold and graphic abstract images.

002 (2)
003 (2)
004 (2)
010 (2)

Drumroll please —  what you are about to see is crazy talent that might just knock your socks off. . . .


I know right?! These kids are so awesome!

Author: artwithmsk

Hello! My name is Ms. Katzin and I am an art teacher at an elementary school near Atlanta, Georgia. Teaching art is my passion and I love what I do!

3 thoughts on “Notans

  1. They even explored contrasting colors… the artworks are each amazing in their own way but I am truly blown away by the last one. How did she/he get the details so perfectly cut?? If I were to guess, I’d say they used an X-acto knife! (But I’m sure that wasn’t the case!) Wonderful work.

    • Thank you! That last one is indeed incredible. He used regular old kid scissors and worked really diligently. I let him stay after his class time was over and well into the next period so he could finish. The amazing part is, he didn’t even sketch it out — he just went for it! Given an x-acto blade I’m sure that kid could rock out some amazing art 🙂

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