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Art in Israel


This summer I had the opportunity to travel to Israel for 10 days with a program called Birthright. It was a whirlwind adventure of hiking, food, friends, sunshine, desert, bus rides, history, and culture. In short — it was incredible.


Israel is a country full of natural and man-made beauty and I was so excited to see so much art everywhere — especially public art all over mostly in the form of monuments or commemorations.



The architecture is beautiful; especially in Jerusalem where all of the building are made out of limestone.

IMG_20130621_022707 110



The columns, arches, and aqueducts are Roman inspired. Walking through Jerusalem felt like traveling back in time a couple of millenia. The stone streets were smooth weathered with hundreds and hundreds of years of wandering feet.


Check out this awesome mosaic:


We went to the room where The Last Supper (supposedly) took place:


The mystical city of Tzfat is famous for artists and musicians. There were plenty of both selling art or playing music in the streets.


A harpist playing the harp under a statue of a harpist playing a harp:



This is a beautiful and intricately carved wooden ark where the Torah is kept. This was in an old Synagogue that was also filled with beautiful stained glass windows.


A stained glass window with the “tree of life” symbol:



tzedakah or charity box outside the synagogue:


The amazing waxworks in a small candle shop (made by weaving wax — WOW!) :


We got to meet and talk to one artist named Avraham. He was so inspiring and creative! Here he is in his studio shop:


Beautiful contemporary Kabbalistic art:


If you know me in real life, you know that I absolutely love street art. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem had some really cool tags and graffiti.




IMG_20130627_070717 IMG_20130627_092741



One very special art related moment occurred at the top of Mount Herzl (the military cemetery). A woman had an easel set up and she was painting a gorgeous landscape with oil paints. It was such a beautiful moment for an artist on top of a mountain in the sun.



Israel is full of vibrant art. From street art to monuments, from paintings to architecture there is creativity throughout the country.And the beauty doesn’t stop at man-made — there is plenty of artistic and natural beauty.




The Dead Sea:

IMG_20130624_072722 IMG_20130624_095000


The desert:

IMG_20130625_093413 121 140


IMG_20130623_121359 IMG_20130625_054841



And of course the marketplace!:
106 104 103

I enjoyed every minute of my time in Israel and I cannot wait to go back and continue to explore such a vividly beautiful country. I am excited to use my experience as inspiration for my own art and to inform my teaching through understanding of other cultures. 🙂




Author: artwithmsk

Hello! My name is Ms. Katzin and I am an art teacher at an elementary school near Atlanta, Georgia. Teaching art is my passion and I love what I do!

8 thoughts on “Art in Israel

  1. How fabulous! I’ve heard the Birthright trips are amazing. Thanks for posting your photos – I really like the colorful ark. Is it modern or older? Do you know where it was made?

    • Thanks, Rina! It was such a blast. All I can remember about the ark is that it was hand carved — which took over 40 years. Up close the motifs and details looked more modern, maybe 30s or 40s but that is a wild guess. Not sure where it was made either. Thanks for reading!

  2. What a wonderful opportunity for you! I figured something big must have come up as you were real quiet on the blogosphere for a while there. But this is a great post and I can’t wait to read more about your experiences!

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