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DIY: How to Make a Marathon Medal Display


My BFF over at just completed her second marathon (WOOHOO!!!) I am so incredibly proud and inspired by her awesomeness and wanted to show her some love and support by making her a display for all of her race medals. This ended up being a Generic Winter Holiday (Xmas? Thanksgivikkah? Kwanzaa? . . . whatever) gift and seeing as it is one of the few DIY projects I have not only attempted but also invented and also actually completed [almost] successfully, I figured I would post it here.

PhotoGrid_1386629378463 (2)

Please excuse the poor quality of this picture I PINKY SWEAR it looks good in real life!

I began by spending an absurd amount of time in a craft store armed only with a vague idea and some inspiration. It was one of those big box stores (which is why I refuse to name it here) that has a very unbalanced ratio of Christmas-decorating housewives to employees. When I finally did track down someone who might have just been pretending to work there they told me I would be better off going to a home improvement store.

Anyhow none of this is really important except that it gives you some backdrop to the situation and you should probably also imagine me picking out all of these materials to some really cheesy Christmas tunes (I’m pretty sure they played a few Elvis songs and at least one Kidzbop carol). I knew I wanted to make something black and white (keep it classy!) so when I stumbled across the drawer knob aisle (yes there was an entire aisle for that nonsense) I spent several long minutes choosing some pretty nifty little knobs. Next it was just a loooooong walk across what felt like several miles of fake poinsettias and faux antique chatchkas over to the wood section where I found a glorious letter (for BFF Meghan.) Then the fun began:


I used a drill . . . knew that sculpture concentration would come in handy 😉 . . . to drill holes the size of the screws in the drawer knobs. Thanks for the supervision, Dad!


Voila! And also Happy Hanukkah. 


After some serious blog stalking I came up with pages of photos of cuteness and friendship la la la blah blah blah.


I felt like a master scrapbooker as I cut and placed all of the pictures in a cute overlappy kind of way. (thats a word, right?) This is the exact moment when I realized that I should have painted the darn thing first. Oops!


So I proceeded to ever so carefully paint the empty spaces with black acrylic paint. . . after the fact. That is the precise reason why I do not ever attempt this kind of thing. 


After it dried (aren’t you surprised I actually used common sense!?) I coated it a couple of times with mod-podge. 


It came out great if I do say so myself (which of course I do.) Here is the recipient herself:


Can you even handle the amount of medals on that thing? What a champ! To read a recap of all those races and more (many including yours truly) as well as see some yummy healthy recipes and get workout and fitness tips, head over to FITNESSCREATURES.COM FITNESS CREATURES.COM FITNESSCREATURES.COM

Oh and happy Generic Winter Holidays to all of my readers!

Author: artwithmsk

Hello! My name is Ms. Katzin and I am an art teacher at an elementary school near Atlanta, Georgia. Teaching art is my passion and I love what I do!

3 thoughts on “DIY: How to Make a Marathon Medal Display

  1. I effing love this post. First and foremost: a very unbalanced ratio of Christmas-decorating housewives to employees = best line ever in the history of the world. You’re hilarious and also happy Kwanzaa to you too 🙂 This is the best present ever. So thoughtful and unique and you spent time and effort on it, whereas I’m going to spend all of 7 minutes buying something for her. Put this shit up on Pinterest now!!!

  2. What a fantastic gift idea! You are the awesome.

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