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Teachers Pay Teachers (a.k.a. a shameless plug)



When I first heard about this website my initial reaction was to scoff in the general direction and belligerently ask “well why can’t people just do their own work.” I think that was probably the ambitious snob within me who shows herself every so often. The truth is that as educators we ideally should be willingly and freely helping each other. We also should ideally be paid a whole lot more — which is a whole ‘nother conversation — but selling resources can be a great supplement to our income.

My attitude quickly changed when my good friend Ms. Gram at Art With Ms. informed me that she has made a very hefty amount of money through her TpT store. (Which is amazing by the way) I attended a workshop she presented on the topic at GAEA last weekend and learned some tricks and tips to get started (like how to put in those little oval face kids and the cutesy typefaces). Now, I don’t know if I will make a cool million like this go getter but I am officially on board the TpT train. Please check out my store which I will be updating whenever I get a chance and remember that even though I am selling “products” I will also give them and any of my other “trade secrets” away. . . all you have to do is ask! I really believe that sharing is caring, it’s not just something to tell the kiddos!


Author: artwithmsk

Hello! My name is Ms. Katzin and I am an art teacher at an elementary school near Atlanta, Georgia. Teaching art is my passion and I love what I do!

2 thoughts on “Teachers Pay Teachers (a.k.a. a shameless plug)

  1. Congrats on setting up your store! I will definitely check it out. Ms. Gram has some beautiful stuff on her site! I started my store because I was sharing a lot of my materials through email with other teachers, and often my email gets backed up or I would miss one and it just wasn’t convenient if someone was waiting for a response. With the store, people can download when and what they want, and yes, I can earn a little extra for the work I am putting in (and half my stuff is free). I am more than happy to contribute when I know someone has put a lot of work in to something.
    It is really rewarding to get feedback that people are enjoying using your creations. Good luck!

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