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Apple of My Eye DIY

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Fall has finally hit Georgia full force and what better way to celebrate than to frolic through an orchard picking apples? I got a chance to do exactly that with some of my lovely girlfriends this past weekend. On a sleepy and bleary car ride to school last week I thought to myself, Ms. Katzin what can you do to make this apple picking adventure even more fun and special? How about some crafty, nonfunctional piece of kitsch that will mark you and your friends as the most ridiculous humans in the orchard? Thus, the Apple Eyes were conceived!

unnamed (1)

I began by sketching out the general idea. It is a *pun on the phrase “You are the Apple of My Eye” I cut out the sketch and used it as a template.


I cut out the individual shapes and traced them onto some felt.


I traced the eye shape and the circles inside of the eye and cut em’ all out.


I glued the eyes in layers. . .

017 018 019 020

For the eyelid I traced the entire eye onto black and cut out a curved arch that fit over the top. Hot glue galore!

022 024 025

The lashes were three little curved triangles:


I hot glued a little stem to the back:


I glued the eye to the apples and added a little heart. Then I glued the apple to a white piece of felt and cut out a bubble around the entire thing. Then I cut out a black bubble around the white one. This added a little more visual interest and tied in the black and white of the eye. The last step was to use some Hulk Strength to punch a hole in the top and tie a string through.




The apples were a hit with my homies and we had a blast gallivanting through the orchards!







Group Shot 😀

IMG_20141025_111801 (1)


SO happy I got to fill a sack up with these awesome apples! #delicious #fiber #wewillbefeastingonapplesforthenextcoupleweeks








Happy Fall Y’all!




*Not an actual pun (Meghan)

Author: artwithmsk

Hello! My name is Ms. Katzin and I am an art teacher at an elementary school near Atlanta, Georgia. Teaching art is my passion and I love what I do!

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  1. Very appleoppriate.

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