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Dark Wings, Dark Words DIY (a.k.a. Ms. K Nerds Out)

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A few months ago I went to the Dragon Con Parade. Here in Atlanta it is an annual event kind of like Comicon where all the nerds and weirdos and unique awesome people of the land dress up and come together to celebrate everything from Dr. Who to Game of Thrones to Pirates and everything in between. Basically, it is an amazing geek party.

storm troopers

Meanwhile on Peachtree Street. . . 

I went with a few buddies and while we were sitting on the curb watching the parade, I looked over and saw a girl wearing the most amazing crown and gauntlet both made out of metal and glass. I just had to know where she got them and was pleasantly surprised when she said “My dad made them,” and pointed to the dude right next to her. I immediately got his contact info and commissioned a crown of my very own. It is definitely one of my favorite things that I own and I feel so lucky to have an original piece of artwork. The artist (Rusty) is SUPER talented and so creative by turning found objects into wearable art.

IMG_20141014_195322 (2)

You can tell there is lotsa magic in that thing!

I really wanted to incorporate the crown into my Halloween costume this year and after throwing some different ideas around I decided to go with a Dark Fairy Princess. To stick with the theme of Home-Made Awesomeness, I made my own wings! To make fairy wings you will need:


  • 4 wire hangers
  • Hot Glue
  • Stockings/Pantyhose (I used 1 pair but 2 works best)
  • Scissors
  • Metal Working Tools to bend and cut (a wrench or pliers will also work)
  • Glitter (in spray form and glue form)
  • Fake Flowers
  • Ribbon

Step One: Prep the Hangers

Take any paper off of the hangers so they are naked (tee hee). Uncurl the top part (the part that actually hangs) so it is straight. Bend the hanger into an eye shape. You can make the tip pointy-er for a more “evil” look or rounder for a sweeter look. Do this with all 4 hangers.

039 041

Step Two: Stretch the Fabric

Next, cut the stockings in half. Stretch the foot part over the end of the wing and tie it off at the bottom. Cut the excess off and use it for the next wing. You will have to tie a knot at the top but if you slide it down a little bit its not as noticeable. (It is best to use 2 pairs of stockings for this but I only had one.) Do the same thing for the other 2 wings.


Step Three: Twist Em’ Up

The ends should still be sticking straight out. Bring them together and use the metal tools/wrench/pliers to twist and bend them until they are connected. Once you do this it will look crazy and you will have to carefully bend in the ends so they don’t stick out and stab you.


Step Four: Bundle Up

Hide the craziness with fabric scraps from the stockings. I cut strips and wrapped it around the wires until it was padded and well covered up. It will still probably look messy and crazy. I broke off the stems from the fake flowers and used them to connect the 2 sets of the wings into one bundle by wrapping them around the bundles several times. Then, I covered the whole thing again with more fabric scraps.  This part was kind of tough and an abundance of hot glue was super helpful!

047 048

Step Five: Hide the Mess . . . Some More

I hot glued the 3 flowers on top of the bundle of wires to hide them. I used 3 black roses because I am going for a Dark Fairy vibe but any flowers would work.


Step 6: Use ALL. THE. GLITTER!

Use the spray on glitter to create shimmer and sparkle. I sprayed the front and the back twice. Then, I used the glitter glue to add “veins” and more details on the wings.


Step Six: Ribbons

Tie 2 long pieces of ribbon to the bundle in the center of the wings. These ribbons can be tied in several ways, do whatever is most comfortable for you. I like them tied in a bow near my collar bones; I pull one over my shoulder and have one under my arm. Another way to tie it is to make a giant bow in the center of your chest with all 4 ends of the ribbon. You will definitely have to walk through doorways sideways and take them off every time you get in or out of a car but I think that for one day a year (or weekend if you are into that kind of party) it is worth it. Now I will not claim that these look professional or even all that great (an artist can always spot the flaws!) But they were really fun to make and they are so unique — nobody else will have wings quite like these! This is the entire costume all put together:



Happy Halloween!

Author: artwithmsk

Hello! My name is Ms. Katzin and I am an art teacher at an elementary school near Atlanta, Georgia. Teaching art is my passion and I love what I do!

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