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Data in the Art Room


Attention Art Teachers! Are you being asked to show “data” of your teaching and learning in your classroom? Is the mere notion of tracking 500+ students making your brain addled with logistical riddles? Well. . . me too. Most of the home room teachers at my school keep Data Notebooks for their students to show growth and evidence of learning. However, I do not believe there is an  art room in the whole entire ‘Verse that is big enough for all those 3 ring binders. Sooooo I adapted an idea that a good friend gave me which I started last year and am just now getting around to using and implementing. It is a Data Wall and it is pretty neat.


On the left are the different standards and topics covered by the curriculum. The top part is the grade labels (k-5) and each column has a sticky note which corresponds to the color of one of the standards. Each time we complete a project or lesson that covers the standard or topic, a sticker will be put next to the class. If we cover it more than once — more than one sticker.


Each sticky note has the day of the week for the class that is taught. For example, under the “K” column each sticky note says M for Monday, T for Tuesday, TH for Thursday, and F for Friday. (There is no W because I am at another school on Wednesdays) Some classes have more stickers because some are further ahead on projects and lessons.


This is in the rudimentary stages but it is the best system I could come up with for now. I am happy with it for several reasons the main one is that it is so rainbowy! (I declare that to now officially be a word.) The awesome visual of it got the kids really excited when they saw it today and they were stoked that they have already learned some stuff and pumped up about filling up all the sticky notes with stickers by the end of the year.

I have always struggled with a way to make data meaningful for my students, I always thought  that it was something I have to do with the sole purpose of appeasing evaluators. After seeing my student’s reactions to it I was pleasantly surprised and might even use it once in a while.


I am really happy to have a creative, quick, and easy way to display data. Hopefully I will be able to fine tune it to be even better!

Author: artwithmsk

Hello! My name is Ms. Katzin and I am an art teacher at an elementary school near Atlanta, Georgia. Teaching art is my passion and I love what I do!

17 thoughts on “Data in the Art Room

  1. I really like the idea of posting it on the wall for admin to see. I have a similar chart in my plan book, and the kids keep track of this stuff on their portfolio covers, but during observations they never look at those, so this is great for “showing it off”.

  2. Nice visual way of keeping track of this data!!

  3. This is the best way to present data–make it interesting to look at! Not just lines and numbers that are boring to read… this is way more engaging!!

  4. This is GREAT. And so simply it blows my mind. Might have to adapt this for my needs too! 🙂 Nice work!

  5. I love your idea!! I am totally running with it!! Good work, Mollie! Makes collecting data totally doable in the art room 🙂

  6. This is fantastic! It was interesting to read what you said about the students being so enthusiastic about this. What a great accountability tool for administration to see. Loved it! Think I shall be using this idea for next year. Very nice work in a simple consise way.

  7. Do you then transfer the data to a spreadsheet at the end of the year? Or take a photo of it and upload it? My district wants everything uploaded and we have performance-based pay now. 😦

    • Hi there Jodi!

      To be honest, this is really ‘just for show’ to appease administration. It could definitely be recorded digitally by taking a picture or typing it and then uploaded into the evaluation system platform. However, since I am (not yet) required to provide that type of evidence by my county I have not ever done anything extra with it.


  8. Hi! I am interested in this data gathering idea. I have been asked to show data for my evaluative action plan next year. Have you changed anything or found any kinks to work out in your system? I am thinking of using it to show when I tie in math or ELA concepts because we are asked to do that for our eval.

    • Hey Courtney! I actually moved to a new school and did not set-up the data wall again. I found that it became a hassle to keep up with and wasn’t worth the effort for an administrator to look at just once or twice a year during evaluations. If I was to implement it again, I would have the kids keep track of it so they have more ownership and engagement and I would not have to worry about it. I think the incorporation of math & ELA would be a very strong addition to the overall data wall. I hope that you are able to use it successfully!

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