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Summer Recap

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Hello there, it’s been a while! Usually this back-to-school blog post is some sort of art-room tour where I talk about all the shiny, brand-spanking new things going on in the art room. And I’m always like “yayyyyy back to school!” But I can’t really do that this time for a few reasons. First, there isn’t much that is shiny, and brand-spanking new in my classroom right now. By now (my 6th year teaching) I pretty much have a good system in place and it only needs small tweaks and adjustments rather than huge over hauls. Also, I am planning a wedding right now so most of my creative energy went into that over the summer rather than tons of classroom things. And, my school got renovated over the summer and my classroom is currently filthy and not in any sort of state in which pictures should be taken.

So, while I am of course excited to be back, this blog post is going to be more of a summer recap. I had a great summer that was filled with a lot of relaxing (thankfully) but it also (unfortunately) lacked any international traveling. That being said, hopefully next summer will have the international trip of a lifetime.

Anyways, in lieu of international traveling, I was able to attend some professional development this summer at the Woodruff Arts Center. Their annual educator conference is one of the biggest and best in the South East and encompasses high-quality workshops for visual, music, and performing arts. I have been to many conferences over the years and this one is definitely one of the best!

I really appreciated how hands-on the workshops were. I feel like I learned so much and I was very inspired. One of my favorites was learning how to do Shibori or Indigo dye. The process is fascinating! The dye is made out of fermented plants and variations can be found in many cultures all over the world. There are so many academic connections like history (farming and agriculture) and math (geometry/shape/symmetry) not to mention it is an insanely cool process.

I also learned all about printmaking and cardboard automata

There were two excellent exhibits at the High Museum of Art which I got to see. One is the artwork of illustrator Ashley Bryan. I just love his use of  bright colors in his paintings and paper collages.

The other exhibit was prints by Andy Warhol. So cool!

A few weeks after the conference I taught summer camp at Johns Creek Arts Center. This was my 11th year doing clay camp!


We did lots of cool projects this summer. One was a succulent pot inspired by Mrs. Knight’s Smartest Artists.


Teacher Sample 

Another neat project was these chameleon dudes inspired by Cassie Stephen’s Blog.

These cutie pocket animals were also a hit:

Dangly Bird

Teacher Sample

And one of my absolute favorites was the slab house which I wish I had more pictures of:

Here is my sample:

Aside from teaching art at summer camp, I got to make a lot of art too.


And how can I forget the very best part of my summer — getting a puppy!! His name is Rory and he is absolutely delightful. Here he is on a hike:


I am so excited to see all my students in a few days. I have some really fun and exciting projects planned for this year!


See ya soon, kiddos!

❤ Ms. K

Author: artwithmsk

Hello! My name is Ms. Katzin and I am an art teacher at an elementary school near Atlanta, Georgia. Teaching art is my passion and I love what I do!

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  1. Glad you had a fun and productive summer Mollie – your puppy is so cute! I love how your clay succulents came out and I am going to have to try the pocket animals 🙂 Have a great back to school.

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