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Art to Remember Spring 2020

Good news Northwood students – our Art to Remember fundraiser is STILL ON! Even though I didn’t get to pass out order forms before we left school, you can still order by CLICKING HERE.

When you type in your first and last name, you will be able to see all of the wonderful products available to purchase featuring YOUR amazing artwork.

Every purchase supports art at NWES 🙂

❤ Mrs. K

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2nd graders did a phenomenal job with these fun castles!

Sample by MK

We began this project by playing a dice rolling game to creatively build a castle. I used one from Expressive Monkey. I absolutely LOVE all of the roll and draw activities offered on this site, I have almost all of them for my students to use for free draw and different projects. I think it is a really fun and creative way to make artwork that is still very guided (step-by-step) but also open ended because you never know what exactly you will end up with!

Next, students drew their design onto painting paper. They traced over their lines with sharpie and then used watercolors to paint.

I love how creative students were able to be with these. Students made castles with mythical creatures, under water, in the clouds, and even for their favorite sport’s teams!

❤ Mrs. Katzin

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Snowy Mitten Self Portraits

Kindergarteners learned all about self-portraits for this fun winter project!

We began by reading The Mitten and creating colorful sparkly mittens. Students traced a mitten template onto white paper and used tissue paper, glue, and glitter to create sparkly colors.

The next week, we did a step-by-step drawing of how to make a self-portrait. Students used crayons to color in their self-portrait and then cut and glues it to a piece of construction paper.

The final week, students cut and glued their mitten to the paper and then used a cotton swab and white paint to create “snow.”

One of the classes didn’t have time to do the portrait so they just cut and glued the mitten which still turned out pretty great!

As fun as this winter-themed project was, I really can’t wait for spring!

❤ Mrs. K

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Things I Love Hearts

Kindergarteners did a fantastic job making their Things I Love hearts.

We started off reading The Shape of My Heart and talked all about shapes. Students also chatted about all of the things they love like family, home, friends, pets, stars and rainbows, Pokemon and princesses, and everything in between.

Each kid got a piece of paper and a heart template (made from posterboard.) They traced the heart and filled it up with all of the things they love. Students were encouraged to fill up the space as much as they can. They traced over all of their lines with sharpie and that was it for day one.

The next day, students used crayons to color all of their little things inside of the heart. Then they used texture mats to create texture around the heart. They finished off their work by painting with watercolors.

These are so darling and I love how they turned out. The best part was connecting with each other about what everyone loves.

❤ Mrs. K

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Geometric Hearts

This lesson is inspired by Deep Space Sparkle. I fell in love with this project the moment I saw it. I wanted to turn it into a one day lesson for students to complete right before Valentine’s Day so I decided to have students make theirs very small.

We used a 4×4 piece of paper, a heart template (made from poster board), a ruler, and colored pencils. First we followed the Deep Space Sparkle directions to section off the heart into polygons and triangles to make it looks like a gemstone. 4th graders are learning about angles in math so this was a great connection.

Then students used colored pencils to color in their designs. These are so cute and they were the perfect little Valentine’s Day project!

❤ Mrs. Katzin

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Tiger Collages

When I saw @shakyhaakeart’s post with this project I knew it would be perfect for my 1st graders! We began by reading the charming story Mr. Tiger Goes Wild and doing a step-by-step tiger drawing. Students traced and colored their tigers with black crayons.

Teacher Sample & Story Book

On the second day, we used water colors to paint the tigers and the background. I showed students how to do a rainbow gradient but they could choose to paint their background however they wanted.

On the third day, the kids used construction paper to create grass, vines, leaves, and other jungle-y shapes and details.

Great job 1st graders!

❤ Mrs. K

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“Tattoo” Paper

I am so into this method of printmaking right now! I have seen it called marker printing but after a student pointed out that it was so similar to temporary tattoos we decided to rename it. 🙂

An art teacher friend Adrianna introduced this method to me a while back and I couldn’t wait to use it with my students.

You will need: white paper, an old transparency plastic page (any thick plastic will work), water base markers, a sponge, and water.

The first step is to color on the plastic film.

Next, you use a sponge to dampen the paper.

Then you flippity flop the transparency over so it is marker side down and you gently rub.

When you peel the plastic away, you are left with a stunning monoprint!

I did this technique with 2nd & 5th grade and used the papers to weave. 2nd graders created bird houses and 5th graders did simple weaving.

I love these so much and cannot wait to use this technique again! I think it would be beautiful as a background to a self-portrait or a background for a Styrofoam printed lesson.

❤ Mrs. K

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Easy-Peasy One Day Rainbows

Here is another easy-peasy one day project perfect for the end of the year. This one comes from @2Art.Chambers on Instagram.

I’m just gonna do a quick sidebar to say that I am LOVING how much art teachers share on Instagram & Twitter. When I first started teaching seven years ago (!!!) there were not too many resources other than old textbooks and Pinterest for us art teachers. Now I am inspired every single time I scroll through my feed and I am very grateful that folks share so much, it is always exciting to try a new, fresh project. Thanks Art Tachers! ❤

Examples Made by Me

We started by reading the story Ava and the Rainbow (Who Stayed) – which is just precious by the way – and talking about the colors in the rainbow. We used the traditional colors + magenta because it looks pretty 🙂

I played around with a few examples and ultimately decided to have the students paint the rainbows backwards simply because I have more purple paint than red paint so the red needed to be smaller. Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

We painted these step-by-step starting with magenta and then moving on to red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, indigo, and violet. When students completed their rainbows, they could add details in the middle.

This would be a great school-wide project to display but with less than a week of the school year remaining, these are going straight home. I really enjoy the tessellation-like effect of them all together though, they are giving me the same vibes as the collaborative quilt we did earlier this year!

❤ Mrs. K