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3rd Grade Value Paintings with Silhouettes

3rd Graders have been finishing up their value paintings. We began the lesson with a game using these ‘popsicles’


We talked about TINT and SHADE and they were challenged to work together to put their popsicles in order from lightest to darkest. Then, they created their own VALUE SCALE with tempera paint.


The Value Scale Worksheet really helped to prepare the kids for the next step which was to paint concentric circles from light to dark.


We talked about SILHOUETTES and REPETITION and each student created designs in their sketchbooks that they drew on black paper and glued onto their value paintings.










This project was inspired by a lesson called “Tints and Sharks” that I found on this blog: It ended up being a very successful lesson for my 3rd graders. The students who finished early wrote funny stories about their creatures that will be displayed with the artwork. 🙂

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3rd Grade Landscapes

What makes something a landscape? How can you show foreground, middle ground, and background in a landscape? How can an artist use expressive lines in their artwork? How can artists use warm and cool color schemes? 3rd graders explored these questions by making color scheme landscapes using pencils, sharpies, and colored pencils.

We talked about landscapes and cool and warm colors. Then students designed their own landscapes using their imaginations. We talked about overlapping and how objects are smaller if they are far away. This project was more successful as a process than a product. The kids got really creative and included dinosaurs, roller coasters, wormholes, volcanoes, sky scrapers, and even make believe creatures!