Please Don't Eat the Artwork


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The End of Week Two

Well here I am at the end of week 2. As I sit in my lovely room and type this I think about the memories I have of the art rooms I worked in as a child and how memories of what we do in this space will be with these kids for the rest of their lives.

With that realization I will try and incorporate more activities that involve using the space to the fullest. Maybe I will embrace the radical idea that students do not always have to be sitting down in the same seat for 45 minutes straight.

I remember looking at the art hanging on the walls and being inspired before I even knew what the word meant. I hope I can bring that sense of wonder and creativity to my kids.

I am excited (and also prepared!) for next week. Here is the bulletin board with EQs, Standards, and Samples for k-5 next week. 

Kindergarteners will be working on Mondrian Masterpieces.
1st graders will finish their Kandinsky Line Paintings.
2nd graders will be creating cut paper collages inspired by Matisse.
3rd graders will make a Zentangle inspired landscapes.
4th graders will begin their Hundertwasser Houses.
5th graders will design their name in graffiti style letters.

I am certainly looking forward to next year at this time when I will have all of my lessons, PowerPoints, and samples already made!

This little guy is the Marker Monster. I saw the idea on Pinterest and thought it was brilliant! If a marker is dried out, the student can feed it to the marker monster. This has been quite a sensation especially among the younger students.

The Word Wall where key terms and vocabulary are displayed. The blue labels say what is inside of the cabinets.

This week 2nd-5th graders worked on their sketchbooks. Next year I will definitely have the kids do the folding, counting paper, and stapling. The last couple of Thursdays have been Project Runway/Sketchbook Making night which is cool and all but when other teachers asked me why don’t I have the kids make them . . . well it was an epiphany come too late. Here are some sketchbooks in progress. We will use them throughout the year to practice artwork and record our ideas.

Have a great weekend!