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Collaborative Paintings

I found the idea for Collaborative Paintings on Pinterest from this blog: I figured it would make a great one day project while we transition from Unit 1 to Unit 2 because some students still needed to finish up their work. We talked about what it means to COLLABORATE and COOPERATE  and how people can work together to create art. Some kids had a hard time with this concept and asked for their own paper but ended up embracing the idea once they had permission to chose their team members. (Not an option I would give every class but the 5th graders I tried it with today are exceptionally well behaved and cooperative.)

We started off by taping 18×24 white paper with masking tape. Students had to work together to decide where to put the tape and one team was inspired to make the British flag.

Next, students used tempera paint to create colorful designs. When they were finished painting they carefully and slowly peeled off the tape to reveal a very cool painting.

These came out really nice and the kids had a great time making them. This project would be successful for almost any grade and could be adapted to fit in with specific color scheme and thematic standards.