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Pyramids and Cubes

I want to start off by saying a great big THANK YOU to Elizabeth over at Dream Painters for nominating me for the Premio Dardos award! She nominated my blog for “creative ideas and a great attitude.” Thanks Elizabeth! Its quite an honor to be nominated with other great art teachers. I was also nominated by my good friend Melinda over at Art With Ms Gram. She continues to inspire me with her hard work and innovative ideas.

Premio Dardos

Now for some art! 4th and 5th graders finished up their sculpture projects this week. I wanted to do something relatively simple so that we could have more time for clay and printmaking so our projects are based on research.

4th graders began by learning about ancient Egyptians and pyramids. I remember being absolutely fascinated by this subject when I was a kid so I figured they would be into it. Students received a pyramid template and went to work decorating it with Egyptian symbols and hieroglyphics. Many of them wrote a secret code or message and they had a blast trying to decipher each other’s work.




Then, students cut them out and glued them together. This was a little tough and required some serious team work. One student had the brilliant and creative idea to turn her pyramid into a necklace. The of course prompted every student to want a pyramid necklace and the sculpture project quickly turned into jewelry.




5th graders completed a similar project except they made cubes. The first day began with the iPad cart. I was excited to have the opportunity to utilize this great resource and do a project with some technology. Students used the BrainPOP website to research an artist by watching a video. BrainPOP offers videos about Georgia Okeffe, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Frida Khalo. Students could chose which ever artist they wanted and completed a worksheet with facts about their artist.


5th graders also received a template for a cube. They used their research to fill up the squares with information and pictures. Then, they cut out their shapes to create a cube.



This student is in the TAG program where they are working on a virtual cube about art. To differentiate, I allowed her to use the research techniques she learned in TAG to research an artist of her choice. She chose Salvador Dali and created an awesome cube about him and his artwork!


I know my 4th and 5th graders are ecstatic to be finished with this project because now we can begin CLAY!!!!  (I guess I am pretty excited too!) I am so happy to be back in school, I really missed some of these kiddos.