Please Don't Eat the Artwork



Kandinsky Music Paintings

I love my first graders. Maybe its because my room is on the first grade hall and they are my neighbors. Or maybe its because they are silly and mostly laugh at my jokes. Whatever the reason, first graders are awesome 🙂

We looked at art by Kandinsky and talked about abstract art. We discussed different lines and shapes and used paint to create abstract artworks. Since Kandinsky listened to music while he painted, so did we! I played some Brazillian music for them and they were groovin’ and jammin’

Is your paintbrush having a Good Hair Day?

Masterpieces on the Drying Rack:

Painting shapes with Primary Colors.

The final product:

After clean-up we watched this incredibly strange video( Kandinsky )and it was pretty funny when the kids recognized the painting at the end.  This project was really fun and the students were very successful. Next week we will be starting Eric Carle Painted Paper Dragons. Stay tuned for pictures!