Please Don't Eat the Artwork



2nd Grade Fall Leaves

2nd Graders are finishing up their fall leaves artworks. We began by reading the book “Leaf Man” by Lois Elhert.

This book has beautiful collage illustrations that are all made from leaves. We talked about what happens to leaves when the seasons change and what fall leaves look like. Then, students drew different leaves in their sketchbooks. They looked at real leaves for inspiration as well as the book “Autumn Leaves” by Ken Robbins. (The media center at my school had several copies of it which certainly came in handy.)

Students were instructed to draw big and include details like stems and veins. We talked about parts of a leaf and how human beings also have veins which bring them air just like in leaves. (A great cross-curricular connection!)

Then, the kids transfered their designs to black paper and went over their lines with glue. It was important to draw big so the glue lines did not turn into a blob.

The next time we met, we talked about the colors fall leaves change and identified them as WARM COLORS. Using oil pastels, students colored in their leaves with warm colors and colored the background with COOL COLORS.

The artwork came out quite beautiful and looks a little like stained glass. This is a project that I observed during student teaching but never got to see the end of so I am happy to finally see the product. 🙂