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Kindergarten Owls

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Last week, Kinders read this book  The Little White Owl. It is a very cute and adjective-filled story about being unique. We talked about owls — the sounds they make, how they move, where they live, and created our very own colorful birds.

We began by drawing our owls using shapes. Kids identified different types of shapes for different body parts. Students noticed that oil pastels are very similar to crayons. We made sure to include shapes and patterns in our owls just like the ones from the story. After completing the drawings, students used watercolors to make their owls colorful.

The last step was to cut out our owls and glue them onto construction paper. Crayons were used to add patterns and backgrounds.

This project was inspired by an art teacher friend of mine – Ms. Gram. She has a great art class book resource blog here:

Unit 1 is coming to a close and this weekend will be spent entering grades. Here is a preview of some of the upcoming projects that students are working on. . .

1st Grade Dinosaurs:

3rd Grade Value Paintings:

5th Grade Spacescapes:

I will leave you with these parting words: ART IS AWESOME!!!


Kandinsky Music Paintings

I love my first graders. Maybe its because my room is on the first grade hall and they are my neighbors. Or maybe its because they are silly and mostly laugh at my jokes. Whatever the reason, first graders are awesome 🙂

We looked at art by Kandinsky and talked about abstract art. We discussed different lines and shapes and used paint to create abstract artworks. Since Kandinsky listened to music while he painted, so did we! I played some Brazillian music for them and they were groovin’ and jammin’

Is your paintbrush having a Good Hair Day?

Masterpieces on the Drying Rack:

Painting shapes with Primary Colors.

The final product:

After clean-up we watched this incredibly strange video( Kandinsky )and it was pretty funny when the kids recognized the painting at the end.  This project was really fun and the students were very successful. Next week we will be starting Eric Carle Painted Paper Dragons. Stay tuned for pictures!

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Mondrian and Matisse

During the first week of school I read the book “Lines that Wiggle” to k-2. This is a great book because it involves all sorts of lines that fit in with our curriculum. I also like it because it has cool monsters 🙂

With the knowledge of lines (vertical and horizontal being the main focus) Kinders began working on their Mondrian Masterpieces. We watched this fun video( Mondrian )which the kids enjoyed. We then talked about Mondrian’s artwork and the kids glued down horizontal and vertical lines on square paper. This week, we colored in the shapes our lines made using primary colored crayons. I also read “Mouse Paint” which is a quintessential book for every art room and a great interactive story.

After coloring the shapes, we watched a video about the primary colors. This was a huge hit and had students dancing and singing along. They found this video hilarious and it was great to watch their reactions. OKGO Primary Colors The artwork came out great:

Second Graders learned about Matisse and how he cut shapes out of paper. We talked about positive and negative space and geometric and organic shapes. Students used scissors and paper to create their own Matisse-inspired artwork.

First graders are finishing up their Kandinsky artworks and pictures will be posted soon!

Today was also a great day because I FINALLY got the rug I ordered. Now the kids can sit on a rug for stories instead of an old blanket.