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1st Grade Cool Dinosaurs in Hot Places

1st Graders have been working on Dinosaurs! We began by looking at landscapes and talking about HORIZON LINE (where the sky and ground meet). We looked a dinosaur books from the media center and plastic toy dinosaurs to see what kinds of shapes we can use to draw a dinosaur. 1st graders drew their designs in their sketchbooks that included a pattern, at least 2 plants, and they had to decide if it was night or day. (Next time around I will include precipitation to align with their science unit).


Next, we talked about WARM AND COOL COLORS and students had the option of coloring their dinosaur with either color scheme. The kids had fun with this project and really enjoyed making up stories about their dinos. One student even burst into song with a great rendition to “Walk the Dinosaur” (refer to this video:





With a bird and artist on its back while cooking an egg:



With a backwards cap:



An “AAB” pattern:



With a DJ, a microphone, some rappers, and a cake:







Kindergarten Owls

The main aim of education should be to produce competent, caring, loving, and lovable people. — Nel Noddings


Last week, Kinders read this book  The Little White Owl. It is a very cute and adjective-filled story about being unique. We talked about owls — the sounds they make, how they move, where they live, and created our very own colorful birds.

We began by drawing our owls using shapes. Kids identified different types of shapes for different body parts. Students noticed that oil pastels are very similar to crayons. We made sure to include shapes and patterns in our owls just like the ones from the story. After completing the drawings, students used watercolors to make their owls colorful.

The last step was to cut out our owls and glue them onto construction paper. Crayons were used to add patterns and backgrounds.

This project was inspired by an art teacher friend of mine – Ms. Gram. She has a great art class book resource blog here:

Unit 1 is coming to a close and this weekend will be spent entering grades. Here is a preview of some of the upcoming projects that students are working on. . .

1st Grade Dinosaurs:

3rd Grade Value Paintings:

5th Grade Spacescapes:

I will leave you with these parting words: ART IS AWESOME!!!

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Kindergarten Ice Cream Sundaes

This week, Kinders finished up their Ice Cream Sundaes. This project was A LOT of fun and really reinforced the concepts we have been working on.

We started off by drawing PATTERNS using LINE and SHAPES.

After that, we created our colorful squares by mixing PRIMARY COLORS to make SECONDARY COLORS. This part of the project was kind of crazy because the kids had to move from table to table with their paintings. Each table had a different color and the students were instructed to paint only ONE square per color. I had the students count the squares to reinforce math and counting concepts. I was really worried that this would turn into chaos but I found that the kids were able to move around successfully. I think that because they are so used to doing centers and a variety of activities, this lesson was well suited for the age group.

Students could let me know they were ready to move to the next table with a “silent thumbs up.”  They had to carry their painting AND their paper underneath. This was a good way to prevent messy hands (for the most part) and messy tables (for the most part). Of course, some students got carried away while painting and painted more than one square with one color. (see below) However, the majority of students caught on to the idea and created great paintings.

On the drying rack:

After the paintings were dry, we talked about shapes and cutting with scissors. Do we cut our clothes? Hair? Fingers? Friends? (I ask to prevent!) The students cut their squares into BIG circles (do you want a big scoop of ice cream or a small one?) And cut a bowl from grey paper. They they glued it all together, added ‘chocolate syrup’ and ‘sprinkles’ (brown glue and confetti paper) and produced amazing ice cream sundaes. They look good enough to eat!


Next week we are starting new projects.

K will be making owls our of oil pastels and watercolors.
1st will be creating warm/cool dinosaurs with oil pastels.
2nd is finishing up their Andy Warhol cat paintings.
3rd will begin their monochromatic value paintings.
4th is going to create cubist style still life drawings with oil pastels and complementary colors.
5th will learn about value and create a spacescape.

Happy Friday, have a great weekend!