Please Don't Eat the Artwork



Welcome to the art room!

Welcome to the Art Room! I am technically the itinerate art teacher (luckily at the same school 5 days a week) and my room is quite far from the other specials. However I love my first grade neighbors!

My room has tons of storage and natural light and I even have TWO bathrooms.

This is the door to my room. I made the flower to remind people passing by and entering that every day is a great day!

Just inside the classroom I have an art gallery. I use this to review concepts with the students when they line up. The kidney table has been removed (thank goodness!) And the hooks come in handy when kids have their jackets or sweaters. I haven’t decided what to put on the bulletin board yet — any ideas?

Here you can see my two bathrooms (one for teachers ONLY!), paper storage and cutting station, and my board with EQ’s, standards, and examples.

My teacher’s desk and a bulletin board with rules and consequences. The kids are absolutely FASCINATED with my small collection of clay dinosaurs.

“WHO are the helpers this week?” Underneath the owl are colored strips of paper that match with the table colors. Each week a different table is responsible for helping pass out and collect supplies.

Lines and Shapes for reference.

This bulletin board reflects the diversity of my school. I asked my bilingual facebook friends to translate “Art is a Language the Whole World Speaks.” This is right outside of my classroom and I love hearing students and faculty recognize the different languages.

Rodin’s “Thinker” asks WHY. The kids are curious and I tell them that its to remind them that they should always question the world around them and find the answers through self expression and exploration.

More to come 🙂