Please Don't Eat the Artwork


Teaching Philosophy

“The main aim of education should be to produce competent, caring, loving and lovable people.  -Nel Noddings

If you entered my art classroom on any given day, you would find students working energetically on multi-step, hands-on projects. You would see students communicating and cooperating to create artwork that encompasses not only the art standards but cross-curricular and connecting ideas as well. You would find decent small people learning, growing, and exploring their way into becoming extraordinary big people.

I believe that providing a thoughtfully curated experience in that art room that incorporates rigorous projects and challenges students to use critical thinking skills will strengthen their overall education. By cultivating a positive classroom environment and providing individualized differentiated services to each and every student, the art room transforms from just another class to a true experience that will help students become good people.

My standards-based lessons are crafted with the student in mind. I create engaging and motivating lesson plans that include visual culture, Common Core connections, and cultural explorations. Through these themes I deliver authentic instruction to my students. I promote a culture of caring as well as character development opportunities by encouraging my students to work together, share and try their best. I believe that this type of collaboration will prepare students to work as innovators in a future that is not yet imaginable.

Art functions beyond decoration or beauty – it helps us know who we are as people and what we believe. Art is a reflection of humanity. As human beings we are all connected through our experiences and that begins in the art classroom. By creating art and expressing themselves, students are experiencing creativity, positivity, and passion. My goal is to inspire my students to believe in themselves and care for one another and others. I have high expectations that my students will emerge from my classroom as competent, caring, and responsible individuals who appreciate art and share their creativity for a positive impact in their community and the world.